Red Lotus

An alternative to Red Bull, Red Lotus uses more premium natural ingredients, as well as lotus flower extract to help give you that energy boost without the crash!  You can order it blended or over ice, and you can pick any flavor you’d like!  Definitely worth giving a try!

Ellenos Greek Yogurt

Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt comes from Pike Place Market in Seattle!  This is such an amazing yogurt, it doubles as a breakfast and dessert!  With all the fruits and nuts in the Muesli it makes for a fantastic way to start your day off right!  Muesli is very similar to granola with oats, nuts and […]

Taos Mountain Energy Bars

We’ve brought in something new!  We have two flavors of the Taos Mountain Energy Bars, the Toasted Coconut and the Caramel Pecan.  Both are really delicious, give you great energy, AND are healthy! Finally a snack that tastes amazing and doesn’t make you feel guilty or yucky an hour after eating! Try one today!

Cruisin Coffee and Spoons Gifts

These are awfully cute!   Super easy because they are already wrapped up.  Using them this year for the Bus Driver, the Package Delivery Man, our Mail Lady, Kids’ coaches, neighbors, and sending one to sister who moved away and misses Cruisin Coffee:(    They are $15.99 and included 2 Espresso spoons,  Bag of Whole […]

Piña Colada Red Bull

Keep that summer vacation feeling going with a Piña Colada Red Bull! A mix of pineapple and coconut flavors with a splash of orange juice and cream added.  This one is definitely worth trying! It can give that tropical island vacation feeling – without all the hassle of travelling 😉

Casey’s Kettle Corn

Casey’s Kettle Corn is a great snack for when you’re on the go that you can feel good about.  It’s made with non-GMO corn, gluten free, soy free, and has no artificial colors or flavors!  Plus it’s made in small batches to ensure every bag is irresistible!

Moon Cheese

A brand new way to eat cheese! As the moisture is removed from the cheese in a brand new way, all of the nutritious benefits remain completely intact!  Moon Cheese is a great on the go snack that’s packed with protein and never needs to be refrigerated!


We’ve just added two great flavors of Kombucha from Kombucha Town!  We are carrying the Blueberry White which made with organic white tea and organic blueberry juice, and the Jasmine Green (my personal favorite!) that’s made with organic green jasmine tea.  Kombucha is a naturally fermented (nonalcoholic) tea with probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants, caffeine, and helps […]

Malted Milkshakes!

Cool off this summer with an old fashioned hand scooped hard ice cream malted milkshake! They come in just about any flavor you could think of, we even have Oreo, Heath Bar and Butterfinger pieces!